What is DRIVE GUM?

Drive Gum is a chewing gum which recharges you thanks to its enhanced effect that combines the unique energizing power of Caffeine and Guarana with scientifically proven effects of chewing** that helps you to stay AWAKE, ALERT and CONCENTRATED​.

WhAT Does it contain?

Powered with two natural energy booster ingredients - Caffeine and Guarana, each piece of Drive Gum is equal to half an expresso shot.* What's more, we have devised a formula that gives you just the right amount of boost without any effect on your diet or daily lifestyle. Drive Gum is sugar free, gluten free, low on calories*** as well as free from harmful stimulants with a pleasant and characteristic peppermint flavor.  

9 chewing gums per pack


6 cup of coffee / 5 energy drinks / 1.5 energy shot 


is the perfect energetic alternative for whoever:

Does not like energy drinks for its taste, its calories or high caffeine content

Does not want a soda or to stop for a coffee

Is looking for an alternative solutions to stay awake, improve concentration and increase alertness

*It is scientifically proven that the consumption of 75mg. of caffeine (equivalent to 3 DRIVE GUM) helps to improve concentration and increase alertness. 

**Studies: D. Hodoba - Chewing Can Relieve Sleepiness in a Night of Sleep Deprivation. Sleep Res. Online. 2(4):101-105 (1999). Morinushi T, Masumoto Y, Kawasaki H, Takigawa M. - Effect on electroencephalogram of chewing flavored gum. Psychiatric Clin. Neurosci. 2000, 54 (56), 645-651. Masumoto Y, Morinushi T, Kawasaki H, Ogura T, Takigawa M. -  Effects of three principal constituents in chewing gum on electroencephalographic activity. Psychiatric Clin. Neurosci. 1999, 53(1), 17-23.
**Masumoto Y, Morinushi T, Kawasaki H, Takigawa M. - Spectral analysis of changes in electroencephalographic activity after the chewing of gum. Psychiatric Clin. Neurosci. 1998, 52(6), 587-592
"x" calories per piece. Calorie content is average values based on a sample of 250ml. energy drink cans currently in the market.