Drive Gum is the best alternative to coffee and energy drinks:


• FASTER ABSORPTION (Oral Mucosa Vs. Stomach)


• No need for an ideal temperature to be consumed


• VERY HANDY . . . AVAILABLE whenever you need it


• It DOES NOT STAIN teeth like coffee or tea




• Hands free – while driving

In today’s marketplace, consumers often face several options for taking vitamins, minerals, supplements, and other nutrients. The list includes tablets, capsules, sachets, gummies, chews, lozenges and sprays, to name just a few. We suit existing customers’ needs in a completely innovative way – we use chewing gums as delivery means of active ingredients, which, thanks to the absorption from the oral mucosa allow a faster absorption than the one from the stomach.


Compared to other forms of delivery, chewing gum provides:



  • CONVENIENT DELIVERY: Blister packaging is very practical and easy to keep (in your pocket or in your car). Easy to use: just a soft pressure on the blister to take out the chewing gums you want.

  • HEALTHY DELIVERY: Drive gum contains only caffeine, it is sugar free stimulants and vitamins free. Studies have shown that the act of chewing gum improves allertness and concentration.

  • ENJOYABLE DELIVERY: Because of the refreshing BITTERMINT aroma, DRIVE GUM freshens your breath and gives you the pleasure of chewing a gum with a long lasting and pleasant flavour.

  • EFFICIENT DELIVERY:  While chewing gum active ingredients are released into the oral cavity through the buccal mucosa. This means delivering active ingredients up to 5 time faster.


Company’s capacity is synthetized and expressed from successfully launching Drive gum; the first caffeinated chewing gum with a characterizing “bittermint” taste, which helps drivers to stay awake, alert and concentrated. 





1.Improved concentration

2.Increased alertness

3.Reduced sleepiness


We deeply believe that health and safety of our customers  are fundamental, therefore, the best advice we can give them when they are tired, driving or doing any dangerous activity is, “STOP and TAKE A REST”